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The Giant Dipper – Fun Facts

Planner & Builder  Arthur Looff
Design Frank Prior and Fred Church
Track Length One half mile
Train Speed Up to 46 MPH
Height of Main Hill 70 Feet
Ride Time  1 minute and 52 seconds
Record Day   June 27, 1987: 13,729 Riders
Total Riders Since 1924 Over 66 Million
Number of Lights 3,150
Rider Capacity 24 per Train (2 Trains)
Age Status Oldest in California; 4th oldest in U.S.; 9th oldest in world.
Train’s Manufacturer Morgan Manufacturing

The following materials were used to construct the Giant Dipper in 1924:

  • 327,000 board feet of lumber
  • 743,000 galvanized nails
  • 148,000 pounds of concrete
  • 24,000 galvanized bolts
  • 63,000 pounds of steel track & safety iron
  • 21,000 screws
  • 29,500 square feet of roofing
  • 2,740 gallons of paint
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